Unusual College Degrees

Back in the long-past days of my college experience, I was never aware of degree programs like these. Some very interesting choices present themselves to today’s college students.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Puppetry:

Those with an artistic bent will want to check out the University of Connecticut’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Puppetry program. In addition to learning about the history and theories of puppetry, students get the opportunity to imagine and realize their own puppet creations by designing, using mechanical projections, and sculpting and costuming their designs.

Through projects and theatre productions, degree candidates hone their performance techniques in television puppetry, mask theatre, string and Chinese rod puppetry, and many other approaches. The B.F.A. in Puppetry program prepares students to perform on theatre stages around the world, form their own touring companies, and develop educational programs for children. Some alumni have gone on to produce TV programs and collaborate with special effects experts on films that feature puppets or rely on puppetry techniques.

Bachelor of Science in Bakery Science and Management:

As the only school in the U.S. that offers a B.S. in Bakery Science, Kansas State University’s program definitely makes our list of unique post-secondary degrees. The B.S.M. curriculum prepares students to meet the ever-increasing worldwide demand for baked products.

With its state-of-the-art product testing facilities and analytical laboratories, K-State provides training for high-level positions in bakery management and also plays a role in developing new technologies and production methods for use in the industry. Whether you envision yourself as a quality control supervisor or a new product developer, K-State’s B.S.M. program can help you achieve your career goals.

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Photographic Communications:

Biomedical photography unites information imaging and visual communication with science. Rochester Institute of Technology’s one-of-a-kind program trains students in diagnostic photography and visual documentation for medical and veterinary applications.
Some graduates go on to work in the pharmaceutical industry, the forensic sciences, and even web publishing and multimedia production. In the course of the program, students may have an opportunity for work placements with such prestigious institutions as the Mayo Clinic and the Smithsonian Institute. If you’re both technically minded and creative, RIT’s innovative program may be the key to your future.

Bachelor of Science in Plant Sciences – Turfgrass Science and Management:
Turfgrass management involves the growth and maintenance of grasses for environmental and recreational uses. Through the study of soil and plant sciences, as well as pest control, students prepare for internships in the field managing parks and recreation properties, athletic fields, and sod farms that service residential housing development. With a 95% job placement rate for graduates, this University of Tennessee program has empowered many turfgrass managers to pursue careers with professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies.

Bachelor of Arts in Comedy – Writing and Performance:
Faculty at Southampton Solent University are serious about the business of comedy. If you have a gift for cracking people up, this three-year degree program will help you to develop your comedic talent through courses on writing for stand-up, sitcoms, and films. Students put their knowledge of performance theory into practice in the school’s TV and radio studios and production facilities.

Want to specialize in political satire or the comedy of race and gender? At Southampton Solent, you can choose your focus. Want to learn about the production and marketing side of comedy? This program will teach you what you need to know. Friends and family might joke about your study curriculum, but alumni who go on to work as directors and writers for TV and film may just have the last laugh.

Master of Music Therapy:
Designed to prepare students for certification as music therapists, Appalachian State University’s program empowers degree candidates to improve the health and quality of life for a broad range of clients. Music therapists use singing, songwriting, and rhythmic movement in their work with adults and children with developmental disabilities, addictions, and mental illness.

Measurable treatment goals of music therapy include developing motor skills in children, increasing motivation in stroke survivors, and reducing the frequency of seizures in epileptic patients. If you have a background in music and love helping people in need, you might want to check out Appalachian State University’s music therapy program.

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