Who Increased the National Debt?

The chart below explains in simple detail how we got to where we are today in regards to the national debt, and where the real increases came from.

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2 comments on “Who Increased the National Debt?

  1. RK Allen says:

    That is very deceptive. In 8 years, Bush increased the national debt by $4.2 trillion. In 2 years, Obama increased the national debt by $4.2 trillion. Obama increased the national debt at a rate 400 percent higher than Bush. Now, you tell me who is responsible for the greatest increase in national debt.

    • bhypes says:

      But, Obama inherited a debt run up by Rethuglians, a recession that was threatening to become a full-blown depression, and had to do something to stimulate the economy. If anything, he didn’t stimulate it enough, erring of the side of caution. Read some John Maynard Keynes to get a vision of the responsibility of government in times of economic downturn, or some Paul Krugman. I only wish that Obama had added double to the debt that he did. More people would be working today, paying into the economy which would be more vibrant and hopeful. Oh well, If Dubya hadn’t screwed it all up from what Clinton left him, we wouldn’t even be discussing this now at all.

      Learn something about economics, and then be sure to check back into this blog and make an informed comment rather than one that displays the depth of thought and understanding of a bumper sticker.

      And smile. It really isn’t as bad as some of you think.


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