Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan … and Waves Goodbye to the Election

I can see the campaign signs now: “Ward Cleaver/Eddie Haskell, 1950 Something.” Tell me you don’t see that vision when you look at these two candidates.

With his pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate, Willard Mitt Romney has told the middle class, “You’re going to pay more in taxes, if we’re elected, so that we can cut taxes even more on the top earners in the country.”

He’s told those nearing retirement age, or those who will be forced into early retirement due to disability, “You should have planned better, because the social safety net has been folded up and put away.”

He has told college students, and those waiting to begin their college educations, “Can’t afford college? Tough! Borrow from your parents, or better yet, have your parents pay the whole bill for you like my Daddy did for me.”

He has told Medicare recipients, “We can’t afford to pay your medical bills, so you’re going to have to switch to a voucher plan and pop an additional $6400 a year into the kitty in order to have the insurance you’ve already worked and paid into all those years.”

“Too sick to work, not our problem,” he is telling the injured and ailing.

Women are being told, “You belong at home barefoot and pregnant taking care of your husband. And don’t even think about birth control or the right to choose in deciding your reproductive rights.”

This is totally the “As long as I’ve got mine, screw everyone else,” ticket.

This shows everyone how out of touch the Republican Party is with the needs of every-day Americans, and proves my long-held belief that if I had a dollar for every unselfish, good thing, the Republicans have done for the average working class American, I would be destitute, homeless, and flat broke.

It’s as though Romney is secretly doing everything he can to help Obama be re-elected. He’s allowed himself to be kept off message for the past three weeks by not releasing his tax returns, inadequately addressing various issues about his role and tenure with Bain Capital, and other effluvia. Meanwhile, the job numbers improved in July, the stock market is percolating along at a decent clip, and Romney hasn’t laid a glove on Obama on the overall economic performance that is actually Romney’s only hope of getting to the White House.

And now he picks Ryan as his running mate.

There were only two options that Democrats feared in filling out the Romney ticket: Rubio or Rice. Rubio because he could pull some of the Latino vote away from the Democrats, and possibly tip Florida into Romney’s column, and Rice because she would bring foreign policy bona fides to the ticket, and could possibly switch some of the women vote into the Republican vote tally.

Ryan, on the other hand, is a blessing in disguise for Democrats. He is a polarizing figure, whose only national recognition revolves around his controversial and destructive budget proposals. He is seen as threatening by seniors, college students, the sick and infirm, and women. All Ryan will do positively for the Romney campaign is soldify the GOP base around the GOP ticket, and this base was already going to vote against Obama no matter what.

And if Romney thinks that he will be embraced wholeheartedly by the conservative base by making this VP pick, then he is wrong. All this pick will do is highlight how the GOP base likes the VP more than the presidential candidate, while further energizing the Democrat and independent bases even more.

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2 comments on “Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan … and Waves Goodbye to the Election

  1. Bill Wood says:

    Good god – what a twisted view!

    • bhypes says:

      I agree. I couldn’t believe what a twisted view Romney had by picking Ryan, either. Glad to see we’re in agreement.

      Thanks for the nice supportive comment

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