Just Yesterday

Just yesterday I turned away
To happy lands, where sunshine lay
In yellow blots
Specked with spots
Of shadow and forget-me-nots.
My hair was fair,
Was flaxen hair,
And odorous breezes, faint and rare,
And full of rest
From the far West
Blew leaves across my chest.
Cool and sweet,
My naked feet
Found moist paths through the wheat;
And out the same
Where, down the lane,
The dust was pocked with the rain.
Just yesterday.
Dreaming astray,
From dawns orange to dusk’s gray
Over valleys and hills
Of wild daffodils
And love sweet-singing whipporwills.
I knew no cares
Nor tears nor prayers,
A mortal god, crowned unawares
With sunset–and
A scepter–wand
Of cherry blossoms in my hand.
The dewy blue
Of twilight grew
To purple with a star or two
Whose flickering rays
Failed in the blaze
Of sudden fireflies through the haze.

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