A Day in Spring

The marsh bird sings his tune,
unseen among the cattails.
This day will end too soon,
as the daylight pales.
Wild violets, purple spread,
and vines climb the beech.
Life springs from the dead
as spring extends its reach.
The geese honk in alarm
at my intrusion there.
I pass by and do no harm,
this moment now so rare.
A bluejay far above me
screeches out his concern
as I sit against a tree
and take my slight sojourn.
Just to be in this place,
this moment lost in time,
fills me with a humble grace,
and gives to me this rhyme.
To witness spring’s promise now,
at winter’s cruel edge,
causes me to furl my brow
at the sight of greening hedge.
The sounds and sights,
and smells of life newborn,
fill the warming days and nights
with a hopeful view of morn.
All is right, I now know,
as spring, triumphant, reigns
as buds and flowers now do show
along these forest lanes.

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