1000th posting

This is a milestone posting. Since I began this blog, this will make my 1000th posting. I never imagined that I would achieve it, nor did I set out to do so. It’s just been so much fun sharing ideas, information, tidbits, and more with those few people who drop by from time to time that I just stuck with it. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of what you might have seen or heard here. I’ve certainly enjoyed having the forum. I can’t promise another thousand, and that may be a relief to the reader. I will try to continue putting up some thoughts, entertainment, info, and just plain silliness. Hope you’ll stick around.

For the 1000th posting I’ve chosen this song, “Scraps of Paper,” by Eric Bogle. Eric has been writing and recording folk music for a long time and has failed to become as big a star as he deserves to be. He does have a loyal cult following, and I’m proud to count myself among that group. This song is one of my favorite songs ever. Listen to the words. I think most of us can relate to the message he is offering up. I know it touches a part of me every time I hear it.

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