Tea Bagger Boogie

Lance Baxter is a media pro who knows that revenge is a dish best mixed on the fly and served up at 30 frames per second. Baxter (aka D.C. Douglas) is the Geico voiceover announcer whose identity and phone number were posted by a wingnut blogger after Baxter left an acidic message on the answering machine for Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, a “Tea Party” astroturfing/agenda-hijacking front organization for Mainstream Country Club Conservatism.

Angry ‘Baggers subsequently swarmed Baxter’s home answering machine, and Geico “fired” him from a campaign that ended over a year ago. However, you can’t keep a good writer/producer/director/editor/actor down, and Baxter has responded by uploading his delightful “Tea Bagger Boogie” to YouTube. It’s a fond look back at the moments that mattered, from a movement that didn’t.


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