Unconventional Funeral

The family of a Puerto Rican man, who died of a gunshot wound last week, opted to follow his wishes and gave him a funeral his friends will long remember.

Instead of being embalmed and placed in a casket so his loved ones can view his body, 22-year-old David Morales Colon was prepared by morticians and positioned on his motorcycle.

Colon’s body was dressed in full riding attire–leather jacket, sunglasses and cap. His hands were on the handlebars and it looked as though he was cutting the wind as he sped down the highway.

Colon instructed his family that if he was ever killed, to forgo a traditional funeral with a casket and prop him up on his bike, a Honda CBR600 F4.

Colon was shot to death April 22.

According to friends, seeing Colon on his bike, as he often looked as he zipped through the streets of San Juan, was fitting.
“He loved his motorcycle,” a friend said. “It made him feel free from his worries. We all know he will be happy riding for eternity.”

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