Olympus E – 620

My wife surprised me with a new camera. My old Canon XT 350 -D was doing o.k., but I’d been looking at the Olympus E-620 because of its higher megapixel count and lots of nice new features. It would also be compatible with my wife’s Olympus E -420 as far as lenses and batteries go. Well, she got me the 620 with the two lens kit, and I’ve got to tell you, this is one sweet camera. I won’t go into a lot of detail now. I still have to play with it for awhile and see what it’s really capable of, but I think I’m going to like a lot things about this camera.

Here are a couple of scaled down pictures I took today with it. I love the trueness of the colors and the great saturation. Also nice contrast and interplay of light and dark. I can’t wait to give it a proper wringing out.

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