Why Do Amish Men Not Wear Mustaches?

I have lived around and among the Amish for most of my life. Yet it was only recently that I discovered why Amish men don’t wear mustaches with their beards.

This tradition stems back to the early days of the Amish sect in Europe, when wearing elaborate mustaches was common among those in the military. In their early days, the Amish and other Mennonites in Europe were often persecuted by these groups. In addition to that, the Amish, being a passivist group, didn’t want to associate themselves with those who waged war, so they strictly forbade their members from growing mustaches. Today this tradition remains among the Old Order Amish people, which number about 200,000 in North America.

While mustaches are not allowed, beards are practically a requirement among the Amish. This is due to beards being common among men in the Bible, and the fact that the growth of a beard supposedly infers maturity and wisdom. However, not all Amish men are traditionally allowed to grow beards. It isn’t until an Amish man gets married that he will stop shaving his beard and allow it to grow out, with beards being a mark of an Amish male having become a man.


2 comments on “Why Do Amish Men Not Wear Mustaches?

  1. David m says:

    This was Very inform able and answered my question

    • bhypes says:

      Thanks for the comment. Glad that I had an item on the blog that you could use. I hope you keep checking out the blog and that you can get something from it.


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