Karise Eden – You Won’t Let Me

Another video from Karise Eden. I had posted a video of hers on July 8, and this song is from the same CD, “My Journey.” While the other song was a cover tune, this is an original written by Karise, and I think shows the likelihood of her having a long and great career.

3 comments on “Karise Eden – You Won’t Let Me

  1. Ernie says:

    In as much as I love Karise-Eden (Higgins) and agree she’s got a long career ahead of her, “You Won’t Let Me” was written by Rachael Yamagata and given to Karise as her winner’s song by The Voice… Rachael Yamagata, as it happens, sounds very much like Karise singing this song. Check her out on Youtube. Karise’s only published original so far is “I Was Your Girl” on her “My Journey” album and was co-written by Karise and her close friend / adopted sister, Alysia Rosa when they spent time in a women’s refuge together.

    • bhypes says:

      Thanks for the clarification. The information I received is like much else on the internet: erroneous.

      I am familiar with Rachel Yamagata, but not this song, so I fell for someone else’s bad info.

      Again, thanks, and sorry to Rachel for giving the wrong attribution.


  2. Ernie says:

    Your welcome… you’re right, there’s a lot of wrong stuff on the net and a lot of misinformation has been attributed to Karise. I only know this information about Karise because I’m a big fan and have been following her since she stepped out for her blind audition on The Voice, and only absorb info that comes direct from her on fan sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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