Emergency Heating With Flower Pots

Keep in mind that this will NOT heat your whole home, not even close.  However, you’d be surprised at how it will heat up a closed room and will keep you from getting hypothermia.  Essentially it takes the heat from the candle that would normally go straight up and radiates it out once the terra cotta begins to retain the heat.

You will need the following:
–  3 different sized clay planting pots
–  1 large bolt (approx. 5″)
–  6 washers
–  1 flat bracket
–  1 Candle in a jar

Step 1
1.  Thread the bolt through the bracket
2.  Turn pot upside down
3.  Thread the bolt through the hole in the bottom of the pot
4.  Turn right side up

Step 2
1.  Put washer on bolt
2.  Thread the bolt through the mediam sized pot
3.  Secure with a washer and nut

Repeat this step again with the small pot

Note:  be careful not to tighten too hard and break the pot

Step 3
1.  Light the candle
2.  Surround it with 3 large mason jars or other non-flammable items that will act as the stand to hold the pots in place
3.  Set the pots upside down above the candle and…

You’re Done!

It takes a few minutes before it feels warm to the touch because the inner pots heated before the outer pot will retain heat.

Keep in mind that the last thing you need in a blackout is a fire.  Make sure all materials are on a non-flammable surface.  One idea is to put all of the pieces inside a large cooking pot.

One candle will heat up pretty well.  If you can get a glass jar candle that has two or three wicks even better!

Stay warm.


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