The Affordable Care Act Is Positive Impact on Economy

From The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2014

The Affordable Care Act, President Barack Barack Obama’s signature health law, is already boosting household income and spending.

The Commerce Department reported last Monday that consumer spending rose a better-than-expected 0.4% and personal incomes climbed 0.3% in January. The new health-care law accounted for a big chunk of the increase on both fronts.

On the incomes side, the law’s expanded coverage boosted Medicaid benefits by an estimated $19.2 billion, according to Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. The ACA also offered several refundable tax credits, including health insurance premium subsidies, which added up to $14.7 billion.

Taken together, the Obamacare provisions are responsible for about three-quarters of January’s overall rise in Americans’ incomes.

Well, there’s more news you’ll never see on Fox News.

This is the kind of information that absolutely must be disseminated far and wide in order to get the truth out about the ACA, instead of letting the right wing talk machine own the conversation as it currently seems to do.

The GOP is still counting on running against the Affordable Care Act in 2014, the more data like this that gets out there the harder that will prove to be.


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