ResQ Plus Tire Sealer/Inflator


Getting a flat tire is typically a pretty naff exercise all round. For one thing there’s the roadside argument about who’s fault it was, then there’s the scratching of heads as all on-board realize they have no idea whether there’s a spare, and if there is, where it’s located. Or how to retrieve it.

But now you don’t have to do all that stuff. Just dig out this little ResQ Plus box, attach it to the tire valve and it will pump sealant into the tire to seal the hole and inflate the thing at the same time. Pretty miraculous, we think you’ll agree. The whole thing is powered by the car’s battery via the cigar lighter, and it even comes with a handy light in case you’re doing all this stuff in the dark.

The device comes with its own tire pressure gauge so you can check on progress, and there’s also a deflate button for some reason. Oh and there are adapters for bicycle tires, balls and inflatable toys, so that’s good news too we’re thinking. It will repair tears caused by objects up to 6mm in size, and while it’s just a temporary get you home fix, it will give you 125 miles of range at a limp home speed of up to 50mph, which ain’t bad. Priced at $69.95.


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