Reusing Rice Hulls

The many uses of waste materials are continually being redefined in the 21st century. Biomass is being converted to energy, there is a growing push for manufacturer take-back programs. The list keeps growing. Now Westech Building Products has announced it will launch its newest product, a new TruGrain porch flooring that’s made with Resysta, a wood-like material manufactured mainly from rice husks.


This better-than-wood material is resistant to weather, pests and fungal decay, and is splinter-, swell- and crack free. Even better, it requires minimal maintenance, is slip resistant and comes in numerous shapes and colors. It won’t absorb water so, if installed for decking, it won’t peel or leak. It’s durable and holds its color for years with little noticeable discoloration.


Resysta is 100% recyclable, UV-resistant, and is sandable, stainable and sealable. And, besides decking, it can be used for porches, facades, siding, furniture and interior design applications.


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