USB Typewriter Conversion Kit

If you’re my age and learned to type back in the day, then you might often miss using a real typewriter. They simply aren’t relevant anymore in this age of computers and keyboarding, but there still is an appeal to use one. Something about the sound of keys causing letters to strike inked ribbons and transferring their impressions on paper. Well, if you’re of that sort who still has a nostalgic bent for the old and sublime, this may right up your alley.


This Easy USB Typewriter Conversion Kit lets you convert your old set of keys into a bang slap up modern USB keyboard which you can use to silently pound out your opus on any PC, Mac or tablet computer. Best of all, when you run out of charge on your iPad, you can sling it in the trash and carry on typing on paper as if you were back in the 1950′s. Awesome!

The kit itself comprises some rather clever sensors which recognize keys being pressed, as well as keys such as backspace, enter and the spacebar. There’s no soldering needed, and all you need is a screwdriver, scissors and bits and you’re away. Oh and if you want to type on paper as usual while at the same time storing your words digitally on your tablet, then this is also the kit you’re after. The price for the kit is $84 and it should work with most common typewriter models.



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