Coffee Flour


Your morning cup of coffee may get you going, but have you ever thought about the process of farming it?

The dried coffee that we love comes from the seeds of coffee cherries. Traditionally, the remainder of the cherry is thrown away. Pollution and environmental harm are an inherent a side effect of an enormous, profitable industry. But a Seattle-based startup called CF Global has found a way to make flour from the remains of coffee cherries.

Geek Wire reports that coffee flour can be used in baking and cooking, just as you would with any traditional flour.

The company is also placing a premium on its workers. In countries like Nicaragua and Guatemala, CF Global is putting jobs into place and raising the the standard of living.

And as for caffeine, there’s not enough in the flour to have any real effect. In order to ingest the amount of caffeine present in a cup of coffee, you’d have to nom seven to sixteen slices of bread, according to The Atlantic.

Check out the Coffee Flour website.

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