George Carlin Nailed It In 2005


Six years after his death, comedian George Carlin manages to get more and more prescient and relevant every day. In his 2005 stand up, “Life is Worth Losing,” Carlin exposes our country for what it really is, an oligarchy.

He tells the audience that the country is owned, but not by you and me and not even by the government. Our country is owned by “big, wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.”

These big businesses, Carlin claims, own all the legislatures, the presidency and all the judges. They also own the media. They want “more for themselves and less for everyone else,” but what they don’t want is education. A well-informed populace is their worst enemy.

They want to keep us stupid enough to accept lousy jobs, bad pay, long hours, reduced benefits and the vanishing pension. He even notes how they are trying to steal our Social Security (which paid for the Iraq War).

“The game is rigged,” lamented Carlin, but “nobody seems to care.”

The American Dream – Because You’d Have to be Asleep to Believe it.

Here’s the video. Beware, there is some strong language.

Since Carlin’s death, perhaps the most business friendly Supreme Court in history, has all but done away with business’s need to lobby. You’d think that would be a good thing, but it only means that they’ve removed the middle man. Now, businesses and the supremely wealthy are free to outright buy politicians.

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