The Richest Woman In the World

gina rinehartHer $29 billion mining fortune is $3 billion greater than Christy Walton’s, the widow whose inherited wealth comes from the retail giant Wal-Mart.

Gina Rinehart has ridden Australia’s resources boom like no one else, her wealth ballooning by an unparalleled $18.87 billion in the past year, according to BRW magazine’s annual rich list. That equates to $1,077,0540 every 30 minutes of every day.

The huge increase comes from foreign investment in new projects, increased production, and a recovery in the iron ore price over the past six months, BRW says.

And much more could be on the way.

“If the demand for natural resources remains strong, additional multi-billion mines are almost inevitable,” BRW Rich List editor Andrew Heathcote said.

“There is a real possibility that (Ms) Rinehart will become not just the richest woman in the world but the richest person in the world.”

That title is currently held by Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim Helu, with $69 billion.

“A $100 billion fortune is not out of the question for (Ms) Rinehart if the resources boom continues unabated,” said Heathcote.

Three of Ms Rinehart’s four children – John Hancock, Bianca Rinehart and Hope Welker – launched a lawsuit against their mother last September in a bid to oust her as trustee of the multibillion-dollar family trust established by her late father Lang Hancock.

Unlike many wealthy heirs, Ms Rinehart has not just maintained her fortune but multiplied it many times over.

When she made her debut on the rich list after her father’s death in 1992, her net wealth was estimated at $75 million. Now she is worth 386 times as much.


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