The Highest Point In Indiana May Soon Be a Pile of Garbage

About eleven miles north of Richmond, near Bethel, tower the commanding heights of Hoosier Hill, the highest point in the state. At 1,257 feet, the hill stands an imposing 30 feet or so above the surrounding country side.

But this proud land feature is in danger of being usurped.

Atlas Obscura reports:

Hoosier Hill was also the final state high point visited by A.H. Marshall, the first person to ascend all 50. However with the land being as flat as it is in Eastern Indiana, there was been some controversy in recent years as a landfill in neighboring Randolph County has requested permission to stack its garbage above Hoosier Hill’s elevation, thus potentially making the highest point a peak of refuse. It is unknown whether the garbage pile has bested Indiana’s natural peak, but it certainly is not as well cared for.


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