Spam Donut

If I know one thing about haute cuisine, it’s that Spam is pretty much not even on the lowest rung of the ladder. John Clarkson, the owner of Mister Eaters, a chip shop in Preston, Lancashire, UK, would obviously disagree with that assessment. He loves Spam so much that he invented the Spam-filled donut.

spam donuts

To make this culinary horror, he slices open an ordinary glazed donut, adds a layer of spam, then re-assembles the components and deep fries them. They’re ready just four minutes later. The donuts are a big hit with Clarkson’s customers.

He said: ‘They have flown off the shelves and I am so pleased that people are waking up to how good it tastes. We are always experimenting and will always bring our ideas to life, we definitely aren’t your average fish and chip shop that’s for sure.”


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