Knee Pain Relief

When you’re in pain, you’re in pain, right? And you need something to sort it out fast. Which means you need more than just a tablet or two three times a day, you really want a gadget which will at least try and fix the source of the problem. Which is where this Triple Therapy Knee Pain Reliever comes into play.


The device combines LED light treatment with vibration and compression massage to ease the pain, and any stiffness you’ll be feeling. The idea is the unit vibrates the muscles around the knee, while at the same time you get some deep penetrating LED light to boost circulation and all that good stuff.

You get a choice of treatment modes and durations, which is all managed via a handy control panel. The timer goes up to 12 minutes and the whole thing attaches with some hook and loop fasteners. AC power only. Priced at $499.95. Available here:


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