Some Burger Facts

The Burger Market is a $73 Billion Business
According to a recent study by CHD Expert, as of June 2014 each burger restaurant’s annual sales are around $1.48 million.

There are Nearly 50,000 Burger Joints in America
Meaning that for every 10,000 Americans, there are 1.6 burger joints. 

The Heart Attack Grill’s Quadruple Bypass Burger is the Most Calorific Burger in the World
With 9,982 calories, this four-patty monstrosity has been recognized by Guinness as the most calorie-laden burger on any menu in the world. It boasts four two full pounds of beef, 20 slices of bacon, eight slices of American cheese, caramelized onions cooked in lard, and three tablespoons of lard, for good measure.

Meat from More Than 1,000 Cows Can Go into a Single Burger Patty
The beef scraps that become hamburger meat are mixed communally during processing, and according to a study done in 1998, the average fast-food burger contains meat from 55 different cows, but that number can increase dramatically. And that’s not only gross, it’s dangerous: the more cows involved, the higher chance of E. coli contamination. The best way to buy hamburger is to ask your butcher to grind it fresh for you.  

Burgers Account for 60 Percent of all Sandwiches Sold
Some folks forget that a burger is, after all, a sandwich. It’s also the most popular sandwich in America. 

Americans Eat 14 Billion Burgers Every Year
That equals out to more than 440 burgers per second. 

The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $5,000
Feel like paying $5,000 for a burger? Then head to chef Hubert Keller’s restaurant Fleur, located inside Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, where you’ll find a creation made with Wagyu beef, foie gras, and black truffles. That seems like quite a markup, even with all those luxurious ingredients.


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