Teff, the Super Food

Health food junkies, this may be your newest fix. Give the quinoa a break, let kale take a rest, and give teff a chance. If you’re a regular at the health food store, you’ve definitely seen teff around, if not in its tiny grain form than at least ground as a flour. If you were brave enough to venture into the unknown, you gave it a try. And if you knew what you were doing with this super grain, you quickly discovered your newest favorite health food.

Injera bread

Injera bread

Teff is a tiny grain that is the national pride of Ethiopia. While it’s been consumed there since probably 5,000 BC, it’s starting to get some global attention, and this is good news for all of us. Teff is a durable crop that can grow in almost any climate, and that same flexible characteristic holds true in the kitchen, too. As a bonus, teff boasts a ton of good-for-you nutrition. It’s one of those win-win foods. Now, we don’t want you to drop all of your other favorite health foods and just eat teff until the next big super food comes along, but I think it’s worth try. Here’s why: Teff is responsible for the great Ethiopian bread injera. Injera is a national dish in Ethiopia. It’s a spongy flatbread that’s served with stews and salads. And, it’s the best. If you haven’t tried it, make some at home.


Teff has a subtle, nutty flavor. It lends itself to both savory and sweet dishes. So, dig in.

Teff is an awesome gluten-free alternative. Teff is traditionally used in Ethiopia as flou, to make the injera bread we just talked about, and so it naturally makes a great wheat flour alternative for those who follow a gluten-free lifestyle. Breads, cookies, pancakes, you name it, teff can do it.

Teff has uses way beyond flour. It can be used as a porridge, treated like polenta, or it can be used to thicken soups and stews, all with a nutritional punch.

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