Biolite Camp Stove Can Charge Your Phone


The superefficient Biolite woodstove will boil water in minutes from twigs and charge your phone while it does it.

It uses an electric fan to drive combustion to unthinkable heights, allowing it to power a small thermoelectric generator that keeps the fan going. A small battery starts things off. The generator puts out enough power to run a USB charge-port that you can use to keep your phone and lights charged.

The whole thing is the size of a 1l nalgene water-bottle and weighs 2 lbs, and runs on small twigs. It’s rugged enough to take camping, and the company that makes it also donates units to developing world communities. It can boil a liter of water in about four and half minutes, and give you twenty minutes of charge time for your phone on one complete burn of twigs.

It can bought from the Biolite web site, or Amazon, for $130.


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