Roadie Guitar Tuner

Tuning a guitar is probably the most important part of learning how to play, but the physical act of tuning can take some time, and can really require good ears. The Roadie guitar tuner does all the work for you, including winding the strings, which is pretty much all you could ask of a real live roadie, except to go grab you a coffee.


The Roadie actually tunes your guitar in a matter of seconds, using a clever motorised gimbal device, and because it works alongside your smartphone via Bluetooth it also allows you to pick from a variety of alternate tuning options – such as open D –  so you can get exactly the sound you want, quickly and easily.

The other fun thing that it does is keep track of your guitar health. Well the strings anyway. So you’ll know when it’s time to retire the old ones and put on some new, and it will also wind and unwind the strings for you making the job even easier.

It’s good for other instruments too, not just guitars. It can be used on ukuleles and banjos, it doesn’t discriminate. Well within reason. It’s on preorder currently but if you need help you can check out the free app to see how good the program is at actually tuning guitars. The Roadie Tuner is $79.


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