George Edward Pickett, a Confederate Army General, Was In Fact a Woman

george pickett

Newly disclosed information found in the last will of George Pickett’s father, Colonel Robert Pickett, proves without a doubt the confederate war general was a woman.

The discovery was made at an auction in Austin, Texas, this week as american historian Graham Brown got his hands on the precious document. The will proves without a doubt the famous general who participated in the Battle of Gettysburg was in fact Mary Sue Pickett, his older sister. It also appears clearly evident that George Edward Pickett was never part of any military enterprise, but instead, that his sister was in fact the real ‘man’ behind the legend.

Official documents of the Pickett family released at the auction included documents confirming the death by tuberculosis of George Pickett at the tender age of 16. The death of the only boy of the family of eight possibly devastated his father, Colonel Robert Pickett, who dreamed of leaving a family military legacy behind him. “It was not uncommon at the time to fake documents or steal someone’s identity. What is truly interesting in this case, is that the former Colonel decided to send his daughter at the United States Military Academy in the place of his son and that she eventually showed to possess extraordinary military leadership” claims the Austin based historian.

Mary Sue Pickett, who was George Pickett’s senior by one year, was also known to suffer from a rare genetic disorder known as hypertrichosis, a condition where an excess of androgen creates an hormonal unbalance that results in female beard growth. “This particular condition played a great part in hiding her true identity to others throughout her adult life” admits John Adams White, an american Civil War historian and expert, who was the first to point out discrepancies in George Pickett’s biography. “The discovery of the will of Colonel Robert Pickett finally explains important anachronistic elements of the man’s life” he concedes.


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