Ft. Wayne Facts

Fort Wayne played host to the first professional baseball game ever played on May 4, 1871. The game was a fierce battle between the Cleveland Forest Citys and Fort Wayne’s own Kekiongas. It was rained out in the top of the ninth inning, but by then, the home team was up 2-0.

You can thank Fred W. Wolf for your cold drinks and leftovers. The Fort Wayne native invented the first domestic refrigerator in 1913 by mounting a unit on top of an ice box.

Fort Wayne native, Dr. Alice Hamilton, made history by being the first woman on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

Inventor and Fort Wayne native Syvanus Freelove Bower is credited with designing the world’s first practical gasoline pump.

Baking powder originated with Joseph and Cornelius Hoagland in Fort Wayne. Their Royal Baking Powder went on to become the largest manufacturer of baking powder in the United States.

In what is now known as Headwaters Park, the nation’s first nighttime baseball game was played in 1883 under the lights.

The jukebox was invented by the Capehart Corporation in Ft. Wayne, though they sold the rights to Wurlitzer who went on to popularize the machine.


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