We finished watching the entire eight year run of the Fox TV series, House, last night. It’s been a long time project with us, and sometimes almost a test of our endurance to watch each one of the 177 episodes, but it is sad to see it end. Netflix is to be commended for making it all possible via streaming service.

There were many moments of humor, pathos, drama,consternation, and almost every other emotion you can imagine. But we learned a lot from the series about flawed people doing good things. Ultimately the show was about the dichotomy between the main character, Dr. Gregory House, and his venality and his compassion which he tried hard to disguise or hide from the world.

In all, quite a satisfying series with a great cast and some good writing. Even though much of the medical action that was supposed to be the centerpiece of the series began to be a little trite and mundane, the character interaction was always taut and vibrant. I mean how many times can patients have sudden liver failure, or have to be revived with electric shock paddles? And the centerpiece of each episode seemed to be the MRI machine. Still, we’d watch it all again, or better yet, new episodes should someone produce more. If you get chance, have the time, and the interest in this kind of viewing, make up a batch of popcorn and sit back and watch. You shouldn’t be disappointed.


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