All Bacon Restaurant


Montreal will soon have a restaurant and bar that serves bacon food and bacon drinks in a bacon atmosphere. Anthoni Jodoin figured everyone would like a butcher shop-inspired eatery with plenty of bacon on the menu, and so he presents Bar Brutus, featuring bacon sandwiches, bacon hot dogs, bacon martinis, bacon vodka, bacon-wrapped everything else, and yes, even bacon poutine! Their Facebook page is in French, but it has plenty of pictures. Newsweek profiled the business, and says,


The restaurant will put a twist on beloved snacks and comfort food, including the very special 100 percent–bacon hot dogs, which Jodoin thinks are the tastiest item on the menu. In case you were worried about not being able to clog your arteries and get drunk at the same time on food, Bar Brutus has you covered with the Jagerpoutine—french fries topped with cheese, bacon and caramelized onions drizzled with a Jagermeister gravy.

bacon poutine


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