Unmasking False Right-Wing Accusations Against the President


President George W. Bush took 879 days of vacation time during the eight years he was in office — an astounding 30% of his presidency. According to the Washington Post, as of August 15th Barack Obama had taken 138 days of vacation in the five years and seven months he has been president, or roughly 7% of his presidency.

Using second grade addition and subtraction skills, anyone can determine for themselves that Obama is at least 719 days behind George W. Bush in his bid to become the most vacationing president ever. And he’d better hurry up if that’s really his goal, because he only has 880 days left in office.

It never fails to amaze me that the Republicans find no irony in accusing this administration of the same corruption, abuses of power, and slothfulness that helped define the administrations of presidents representing their party.

No the President has done nothing as bad as Watergate, or the Iran-Contra fiasco.

No this President has not written more executive orders than any other President in the last fifty years. In fact, he ranks 19th among the 44 presidents, and the only twentieth or twenty first century president with fewer is George H.W. Bush who only served one term.

And no this President has not gone on more vacations more than his predecessors. Not even close.

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