From Deepest, Darkest Africa

It’s the 1930’s and a member of the New York explorers club is hunting for rare animals in deepest, darkest Africa.

He comes across the strangest looking beast he has ever seen. It’s a quarter part elephant, a quarter monkey, a quarter hippo and a quarter tiger and with a very sweet disposition.

They cage it and ship it to New York to the explorers club where he exhibits the creature. Because of it’s extremely scarce nature, he calls it a “Rarey” and gives a talk on it before the members.

Over a short period of time he notices that the Rarey is growing extremely fast and is soon too large to keep in a cage. He decides to return it to its home in Africa even though there is not enough food around to keep it alive. They reach the edge of a cliff, below which is the jungle from whence the Rarey originated.

The explorer says “Good bye old friend I will miss you”. He tips the cage, but the Rarey doesnt fall. He tips it up further, and still, the Rarey is in it’s cage. This goes on and on until, to the explorer’s surprise, the Rarey speaks for the first time.

It looks down over the steep cliff and says, 

“It’s a long, long way to tip a Rarey”.


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