Rare Coin Found

1652 coin

A rare and well-preserved threepenny coin belonging to the seventeenth century was found in a farmer’s field in Nottinghamshire in Britain and is up for auction where it could fetch a whopping sum of more than 1.6 million dollars.

The lucky person to have stumbled upon the rare coin is an amateur treasure hunter named John Stoner, who found the coin a week ago when his metal detector picked up a signal.

The coin is dated 1652, and is said to be in a well-preserved state, according to Stoner and coin experts.

“When we broke the clod of soil the imprint was actually still in the print on the soil, both sides, we saw that before we actually saw the coin, before we handled the coin, and when we actually handled the coin it was absolutely fantastic, it looked like it had just been struck that day and dropped in the field, and totally left,” Stoner told British broadcaster Sky News.

Philip Cohen, a coin expert said that the coin appeared to be one of a higher grade as it was found in a very good condition.

“It appears the coin would have been in very good condition, hardly used when it was lost, and as a consequence it is going to be one of the higher grade if not the highest grade specimen that has come to light so far,” said Cohen.
As the find is just a single coin, it doesn’t qualify as treasure trove, meaning that Stoner will be able to keep the proceeds when it goes to auction.

He intends to give half of his winnings to the farmer that owns the land where it was found.


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