One Day Out West…

A man was traveling through the west on vacation when he saw a sign that said, “Meet the Indian Who Never Forgets, Next Exit”. Well, being curious, the man stops at the attraction to see this supposed wonder. He asks the old man, “What did you have for breakfast on June 9, 1978?” The Indian immediately replies, “Eggs!”

Well, everyone has eggs for breakfast, this guy is a charlatan, the man thinks.

The man tells his friend about the experience, and his friend replies “Dude, that was pretty disrespectful. The next time you meet a Native American, especially an elderly one, you should greet them in their native language. Next time, instead of saying “Hi”, say “How”.

Ten years later, the same man is on vacation again, and sees the sign for the same Indian again. He thinks what the heck, I’ll stop in and see him.

Remembering his friend’s advice, when the man approaches the Indian, he holds up his hand and says, “How!”

The Indian replies, “Scrambled.”


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