Dyson Humidifier

Winter is known for being particuarly dry and for being the peak season for colds and flus. A humidifier can help both conditions, but the devices are also ripe sources for bacterial growth -putting people with dry skin, dried out nostrils and the sick with a dangerously high chance of catching an infection. 

Dyson, who has already revolutionized the vacuum game is now introducing a new take on the humidifier, by adding in a UV sanitizing light that kills 99.9% of all bacteria in the water before it is added to the air. The inventor says his device is the first humidifier to use UV technology to kill bacteria before it is circulated into the air, making it the most hygenic design on the market. 


“The problem with current humidifiers are that they harbour nasty bacteria which when the machine is turned on, is then blown around the room,” Dyson said. “Experts say it’s actually more dangerous to breathe in this bacteria than drink it!”

The Dyson humidifier can hold an impressive three liters, so you will no won’t need to refill it constantly like many other humidifiers. The machine can run 18 hours without a refill and even has a built-in sleep timer so you can save electricity when you aren’t using it.

A humidity and temperature guage can automatically adjust the humidification level, but the device also has a manual control that can be operated with a remote control. The humidity can even be turned all the way off, allowing the humidifier to operate like a traditional fan, so it can be used year round.

The humidifier was released to the Japanese market yesterday and will be introduced to the UK next year. No release date has been announced for the US as of yet.


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