More Wisdom From Poor Richard’s Almanack:

Diligence is the mother of good luck.

Caesar did not merit the triumphal car more than he that conquers himself.

Where Sense is wanting, everything is wanting.

None are deceived, but they that confide.

Approve not of him who commends all you say.

Despair ruins some, Presumption many.

‘Tis easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.

Suspicion may be no fault, but showing it may be a great one.

Men take more pains to mask than mend.

As charms are nonsense, nonsense is a charm.

As sore places meet most rubs, proud folks meet most affronts.

Admiration is the daughter of ignorance.

Honours change manners.

Without justice courage is weak.

A good man is seldom uneasie, an ill one never easie.

A wicked hero will turn his back to an innocent coward.

It is Ill-manners to silence a Fool, and Cruelty to let him go on.


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