You Will Die

For many, death is our greatest fear. We “live” a life attempting to avoid it. We avoid everything having to do with death, with pain, with danger, and with life. Life and death are so closely connected that without one there couldn’t be the other. Without death, life would have no urgency. It wouldn’t be the precious, unpredictable and inevitably short existence that it is.

To avoid one, to fail to accept its existence or ignore its constant presence, it’s inevitability, is to avoid the other.
Not only will you die, but you are in the process of dying. With each breath taken from without the womb you’ve been counting down to the day where your life no longer exists, and accepting this fact will bring your focus and your attention directly to where it will benefit you most, the present.

It’s a futile thought process to think or to be or to live anywhere but the now. By coming to grips with our mortality we have no choice but to do our best with the time we have.

If death doesn’t give you a kick in the rear nothing will. Be close to your death. Understand that it’s lurking and rid yourself of this fear. It’s inevitable. It’s something you can’t control, and much of what we’d determine as “life” comes in death’s face. Life, excitement and joy and adventure, are experienced when we’re flirting with danger, when we’re reaching beyond our grasp, venturing far beyond our zones of comfort.

Don’t hide from the Reaper. Don’t fear the fact that you will cease to exist here on earth. Fear the idea that you could waste this beautiful gift in an attempt to avoid something that will one day occur no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Death is a constant, but living an inspired life is a rarity.

This extends, of course, to everyone else in your life. This shouldn’t bring you sadness, but urgency. It should create moments to remember, to appreciate. Moments that are yours forever. Be with the ones you love. Truly be with them. Look into them, not just at them. Listen to what they’re saying, don’t just hear their words. Tell them you love them, and live that love.

Death sucks, but we need it. We need a reminder of it daily if we’re going to live every other fact on this list. Remind yourself that you won’t be here forever, that your loved ones are mortal, and live with the passion and attention that can only come from something that doesn’t last forever.


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