These Apple iDevices are all well and good, but the one thing they lack in comparison with other mobile phones and tablets is the ability to expand the data storage. When you’ve filled up the internal storage, that’s it, you’re down to deleting stuff to fit anything else on. But now there’s a nifty little adapter which will solve the problem.

The i-FlashDrive is a tiny adapter which has a USB on one end and a Lightning plug on the other. But what makes it interesting is the fact that it also sports a microSD card slot, which means you can plug it into your iPhone or iPad, add a card and instantly increase the memory of your device. Since you can swap out microSD cards at will, this gives infinite storage, which is pretty cool.


You can also use the device to move data to and from your computer to phone or tablet, which makes it a snap to transfer photos and music without having to fire up any software (cough…iTunes…cough). You can also encrypt your files if you want, for added privacy, and the product comes with its own file transfer and management software as well as a document viewer for all major types. You can get one for $30.


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