County Consortium Considers Toll Road Bid

The AP is reporting that the LaPorte County commissioners are considering an attempt to acquire the Toll Road whose operators have gone into bankruptcy. ITR has filed bankruptcy, and Gov. Daniels was incorrect when he said in 2006 that “even if they go under, we have our money and we’ll still own the toll road” and in 2008 “the leasing consortium goes bankrupt, the toll road reverts back to the state’s control.”

The Indiana Finance Authority has declined to take action to take control of the road, apparently reasoning that the road requires maintenance too extensive for the state to afford despite the doubling of the tolls that has taken place since 2005.

With respect to the seven county effort to take over the toll road:

[LaPorte] County Commissioner Da­vid Decker said having a nonprofit comprising the seven counties through which the 157-mile road passes – Lake, Porter, LaPorte, St. Joseph, Elkhart, LaGrange and Steuben – bid on the lease would be better than allowing another private firm to gain control of the road.

The consortium is engaging consultants to help them out.


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