Two Women 100 Years Old and Their Friendship

A true best friend will see you through pains and triumphs, and will always be there, even as romantic relationships may come and go. And at the end of your life, what could be more comforting than to have your best friend there to remind you of cherished memories and laugh with you at the insanity of the world?

So to honor all BFFs meet these two special women who’ve literally been best friends for almost an entire century. They are Irene Cook and Allice Jensen. These ladies were born in 1913 and have been BFFs since they were 5 years old. Seriously, a best friend is something special no matter how long you are together, but a friend who sticks by you throughout your whole life is truly an extraordinary gift.

These friends have not only seen each other through good and bad times, but they’ve also seen the world dramatically change around them. I mean, they saw the very first cars, and the inception of the Space Program, and the invention of TV, computers, and cell phones. Can you even imagine what you would think of today’s culture if you were born near the turn of the last century?

Steve Harvey recently did an interview with them for his show and asked them questions about today’s pop culture. Their answers are both hilarious and adorable.


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