Some Ways The World Has Changed Since I Was a Kid

None of my toothpaste tubes could stand up on their caps.

It took a whole hour to bake a potato.

Anything wrapped in plastic was easy to open.

It took a week to learn whether your photos came out okay.

Being “all thumbs” meant you were clumsy. Today it means you’re good at texting.

We had to open all doors by ourselves. None of them knew we were coming.

You had to actually get off your butt, and approach the TV to
change the channel.

People were skinnier.

There were hardly any one-way streets.

Your expected age of death was much closer to your age of retirement.

Going into space was fantasy.

Fast food restaurants were few and rare, but the food tasted so much better in the local diner anyway.

We used large Maps made of paper, and none of us could ever re-fold them back the way they came.

When you fell off the monkey-bars in the playground you landed on cement.

The average Watermelon had hundreds of seeds in it.

Before Xerox copiers, and laser printers, we all got high in elementary school by smelling mimeograph ink.

We made phone calls in Phone Booths, which is also where Superman occasionally changed his clothes.

Your home telephone could drop to the floor thousands of times and never break.

Nothing had a warning label on it.

A computer was someone who did mathematical computations.


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