Fox News Pundit Finally Tells the Truth

A Fox News host has admitted what we have known all along, and he thinks Stephen Colbert should send them a check to thank them.

On Friday, the hosts of The Five on Fox News reacted to the final episode of the Colbert Report and hilarity ensued.

Eric Bolling was actually man enough to admit that Colbert had an “epic send-off,” calling the Comedy Central spectacle “one of the best I’ve ever seen.” He continued his praise of Colbert by saying “he did a great job.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino thought it was a fun ending to the show but felt that a Bill O’Reilly appearance would have made it better.

But it was Greg Gutfield who had the line of the night.

Gutfield seemed to enjoy Colbert’s final performance, but then made a crack that makes us all wish that Colbert had one more show to respond.

“He should write an eight-figure check to Fox News, because all of our gaffes made that man’s career.”

In short, the utter stupidity of Fox News and the collection of brain dead hosts who work there helped Stephen Colbert build the juggernaut known as the Colbert Report. If not for their tireless effort to misreport the news, spread lies, and be completely ignorant about various topics, Colbert wouldn’t have become the big star we all know and love. I’d say Colbert’s own comedic genius and talent had a lot to do with his success as well.

Should he write them a check? Of course not. But what he should do is continue to mine Fox News for material to use on his new Late Night gig that commences in September 2015. Then again, he could just send them all flowers and ‘Thank you’ cards for giving him a billion nightly opportunities to turn lampooning idiots into comedy gold.


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