An Open Letter To John Boehner

Dear self-righteous John-Leather-Face-Oompa-Loompa-Boehner,

You orange skinned, drunken, self-righteous, piece of Tea Party crap. Where do you get the right to accuse anyone of being “lazy,” especially when you are the leader of the least productive U.S. Congress in American history? Your obstructionist, miserable, accusatory, leather-faced, drunken self gets paid a chunky salary of close to a quarter of a million dollars of the tax payer’s money, while getting approximately 228 days out of every 365 days off from work so you can freely what ever you please. And then you have the audacity to criticize the average unemployed American in regards to our work ethic, you under worked, lazy ass.

You have a lot of nerve to criticize the same people whose hard earned dollars you mooch off of, while you sit on your fat orange rear end throughout most of the year, you salmon skinned, clown looking fraud. You are the one major stumbling block on America’s journey to real progress and national evolution. And then you propose to both impeach and when that fell through, file suit against our Commander in Chief. You should be ashamed for being the head of the least productive U.S. Congress in United States history, but we should blame President Obama for all of this, right? Wrong. It’s usually got something to do with your leather faced, drunken, bone head ass.

You should be ashamed for your accusations towards both our President and Democratic leaders working diligently to bring about a real change for the betterment of all Americans. We’re tired of your judgments and accusations of the middle class and unemployed being lazy, freeloaders who don’t want things to change. I would like to see your leather-faced, drunken, self – survive for one month on the tiny bit of income which this unemployed American brings home monthly, all while filling out applications and going on interviews all over town, you ignorant idiot.

Sincerely, a fed up American.


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