Dick Cheney and His Torture is O.K. Tour

Is it just me, or is everyone else tired of the Dick Cheney justification for torture tour taking place in the media? Cheney is only appearing on programs on sympathetic networks, i.e. Fox or CNN, with softball moderators asking what appear to be questions supplied by the Cheney camp.

This is a guy whose approval ratings are at 19%, being the spokesman for a party, the Republicans, who have 21% of the public willing to self-identify with them. I have a hunch that the more he talks, the lower both of those poll numbers will fall. I still wish that he would shut the hell up.

I think Jesse Ventura’s idea could bring an end to both Cheney’s ubiquitous presence on television and the allegation that waterboarding is not torture. Ventura, on the Larry King Show on May 12, stated that he was waterboarded as part of his training as a Navy Seal more than forty years ago. He said that it was indeed torture, painful, frightening, and simulated drowning in every way.

The interesting part of Ventura’s comments centered on his offer to waterboard Cheney. A spectacle that I believe a lot of people around the world would pay to see via pay-per-view television if the event could be arranged. After all, people pay to see extreme fighting and other such blood-lust programs. The possibility of seeing such a villainous personage as the former vice president put into a position of discomfort and terror would appeal to all of those people, and maybe to a lot of us who would like to see some amount of justice prevail.

Ventura says that if he were able to waterboard Cheney, he would have him confessing to having perpetrated the Sharon Tate murders. I can see the correlation there. Cheney is at least as venal and evil as Charles Manson, and maybe more so. After all, Cheney caused more people to lose their lives, dignity, and humanity than Manson could ever have envisioned. And he’s proud of it. If Manson has blood on his hands, Cheney is standing in blood up to his neck and barely able to fend off drowning in it.

I hope that the more Cheney talks, the more evidence and ammunition he gives those who should, and hopefully will, prosecute him for war crimes, and the breaking of international law. And if he is charged and prosecuted, it should just be the first of many such prosecutions, in my opinion.