The Battle Begins

Now that the mornings are beginning to be cooler, the annual battle begins. I’m speaking of the fight over the use of my Snuggie. I use it to keep the chill off in the mornings while I’m drinking my coffee, and the ferrets think they need it at the same time. There’s not much a ferret loves more than a warm Snuggie on a cool morning, but I’ll be darned if they’re getting mine this year.


I only have time this morning to post a photo. I’m sure anyone who follows, or stumbles across, the blog will be thrilled that I didn’t bore them with more poetry or rambling commentary. Anyway, this is a photo I took on Sunday of Latte, the oldest of our two ferrets. She’s two and a half and as sweet and satisfying as the coffee-based concoction for which she is named.


This is my first photo of our new baby ferret, Staley. She’s eight weeks old and has way more energy and curiosity than is good for me. This shows a short moment in time when she was stationary, sunning herself on the back of the couch.