Handy Hints and Tips

To suck up hard-to-reach gunk under your fridge, or behind a bookshelf, insert an empty paper towel roll into the end of your vacuum cleaner and bend, or flatten it, to squeeze into these difficult spots.

Pre-bake your cakes and keep them fresh overnight by placing a slice of bread on top. In the morning your bread will be hard as a rock but the cake will remain moist, ready to ice.

Grind up a cup or so of rice in a coffee grinder to clean the grinder and sharpen its blades.

To polish copper, rub an ample amount of catsup on the copper and let it stand for 5 minutes. Rinse off the catsup with hot water and dry to find an incredible shine.

Keep cans in a magazine file.

To keep cat litter fresh smelling, mix baby powder in with the litter.

Scuff marks caused by shoes on vinyl floors, which usually take hard scrubbing to get off, can be easily removed by wiping with a small quantity of eucalyptus oil on a paper towel.

Repair the binding on books with dressmakers’ iron-on stiffening. Cut strips to the required width, then iron on in the usual way.

Avoid wrestling with plastic wrap or cling film by using shower caps instead. The elastic conforms to the shape of your container and they’re reusable too.

Easy way to peel a potato.

Simple way to make tools for gardening and potting plants and recycle by way of repurposing all at the same time.

I love kiwi fruit, but never found a good way to peel them. Now that I see how easy it is I wonder why I hadn’t discovered it years ago.