Donald Shull where are you?
Where have you been?
I was in the old neighborhood,
Just recently, once again.
No one knew your name,
Or had a clue, or cared.
No one had the time to talk,
But yet they stood and stared.
The days when we ruled it,
Owned our block, if you will,
Have never left my mind,
Memories are with me still.
Out beyond the street lamps
On the darkened edge of night,
We would run, oblivious,
Caring not for our plight.
Out beyond the lightning bugs
That summer seemed to spawn,
And beyond the swirling snow
On a cold winter’s dawn.
Then as happens in one’s life
We parted, you moved away,
Though we swore allegiance
To each other on that day.
We would write and we would call,
And always stay in touch.
When boys part at ten years old
Those promises mean so much.
Now half a century passes on
Though much faster than it seems,
Suddenly I remember you
And our childish dreams.
Donald Shull where are you?
Are you living still?
Do you wonder where I am,
Do you think you ever will?