Maybe less interesting, but more compelling than the Mark Sanford saga that has been boiling over for the last two weeks, is yesterday’s announcement by Sarah Palin that she is resigning as Governor of Alaska.

I say this because Sanford has been so entertaining in his disclosures, going much too far afield from what we want, or need, to know about his affair and life situation. While the entertainment value of Sanford is at a higher level than Palin’s in these recent bombshells, we must be much more interested, ultimately, in Palin’s pronouncements.

As Vice Presidential nominee in the failed McCain campaign, she took on the mantle as the Presidential candidate designate for 2012, whether that was a valid consideration or not. She became the candidate to beat, according to many pundits and party regulars. She certainly took on the role of favorite among the party faithful and “true believers”, due to her manipulation of the favored mantra among the base of the party. Anti-abortion, small government, personal accountability, and embracing Jesus. She was on the fast track to being ordained by the party loyalists, at least those in the crackpot, wingnut fringe, which I guess is the mainstream of Republicanism anyway. And now this.

Will they see her now as a quitter? Someone who can’t finish what she started? Someone who leaves those who put her into office high and dry for her own personal agenda?

One can only wonder and speculate.

Are we getting the truth from her remarks? Is she leaving the governorship in order to better serve Alaska, and to better effect real change? Or is there something else happening here?

According to sources in the know within the State of Alaska, rumors of a criminal investigation against the governor have been brewing for weeks. There is no specificity to the rumors, only that the possible criminal investigation is being led by, or enhanced by, the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s only fair to say that these are rumors, but they were swirling about in Alaska for six weeks prior to yesterday’s resignation, and they have now taken on a fresh life with Palin’s resignation. I’m holding my breath for the other shoe to drop, because I had a feeling even before researching these rumors, that her resignation signified something other than altruism on her part.

Another theory for the resignation is that the Palins would have to disclose her recently announced book deal as well as other financial details as governor. Disclosures that as a private citizen she would not be compelled to share with the general public.

Since coming to public notice last year upon being named John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin’s political ambition, combined with her intellect has seemed like putting a turbocharged engine on a skateboard. Lots of horse power on a vehicle that could not support, or make use of it. Yesterday she further proved the truth of this analogy.

No one in the history of American politics has ever resigned from an elected position and then went on to be nominated for the presidency. Palin won’t be the first. This effectively ends her political career, in my opinion, with or without an emerging scandal. She will now be viewed, alternately, as a quitter, an opportunist, or a charlatan. Maybe all the above. All she will have on her side, should she still be in pursuit of the presidency are those she already had in the bag anyway. To the rest of us, by tomorrow she will merely be yesterday’s news.