Another reason (like I needed one) for never watching Fox News. Besides the fact that they don’t really report news, relying instead on making the viewer feel something about the stories they cover rather than informing them. Besides the point that the facts are inconvenient things for them when it comes to giving the right twist or nuance to a story in order to evoke a visceral response from the viewer. Besides the fact that they are a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, corporate America, venture capitalists, the corrupt portions of America’s health care industry, and an overall right wing propaganda machine.

Now they have the always pompous ass, Britt Hume, who has posed as a journalist from time to time in the past without ever really having achieved a mastery of the role. Oh, I know, they’ve had him for awhile now, so that’s not new. Even Fox News understood the vapidness of Britt Hume. Enough so that they now use him as a news “consultant” rather than as a full-fledged member of the sycophantic cult that is Fox News.

What is new is that Hume recently began using Fox News as his own televangelism network. In a piece better suited to Trinity Broadcasting, Hume had the following evangelical comments about Tiger Wood.